I'm up at 4am with all this goddamn fabric
My name's Emile
Sometimes I do cosplay

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto - X Men First Class

Worn: Portcon 2014

After watching Days of Future Past, the fiancee and i decided it would be fun to cosplay as the professor and his angry companion from First Class. The uniforms were hand sewn from scratch, with custom-details such as the buckles and side details being made from modified shower-curtain rings and EVA foam. The helmet was created using EVA-grade floor mats and contact adhesive, and then coated with plasti-dip and gunmetal metallic spray paint. the “lining” of the helmet was made from thin EVA foam, coated, and hand painted with silver acrylic.

Goodbye, Old Friend - X Men

Taken: Portcon 2014

We decided to be terrible people and recreate the beach scene from first class. I’m so sorry

( Erik Lehnsherr / Charles Xavier )

X Men Photoshoot - X Men (Days of Future Past & First Class)

Taken: Portcon 2014

( Magneto / Wolverine / DOFP Charles / First-Class Charles )

BlindCaius Cosplay

I made a facebook fan page for my cosplays! Check it out if you guys want. I’ll be posting my cosplay schedules on there as well as on my conventions page of this blog.

And So It Begins…



Otachi Costume WIP

For anyone that hasn’t seen this yet. I’ve created an update page that will be following my progress on Otachi. Once I’m done with her it will stay up as a sort of “how-to” for creating a kaiju costume using my methods.

It has some fun links as well, and there will probably be more as I find new things!

yoooo dude your otachi blueprints look absolutley amazing! I'm actually in the process of making a leatherback costume right now!! I thought I was the only person to ever make a costume of an official kaiju! maybe we could help each other out at some point or somethin?

Ah dude totally!
Are you going to be wearing him to any conventions around the New England area, by any chance? We could meet up and do a photoshoot!


Hey everyone!

I know all of you that have been reblogging my Otachi sculpture really like it! And therefore I have a proposition for you!

Alongside my artwork, I make cosplays and wear them to conventions all around New England.

My next big cosplay plan coming up is a fully functioning Otachi costume! Complete with moving head and jaw, opening wings, and bio luminescent spots, tongue (that also moves), and eyes.

I’ve been adding up the costs of the supplies it will take to create her; and she’s not going to be cheap. To create Otachi the way that I want to shes going to cost me at LEAST $1000.

She’s going to be my most complex and expensive cosplay to date. I plan to debut her at Connecticon 2014 in a Pacific Rim panel hosted by Dr. Newton Geiszler and Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

SO what does this have to do with you, oh lovely members of the Pacific Rim fandom?

Because I am entering that point in my life where I need to pay for rent and gas money on top of my cosplay and art supplies, I’m going to need as much help as I can to be able to afford this cosplay.

THEREFORE, I have created an indiegogo page for my costume. There are many prizes to be had for donating INCLUDING your very own bronze Otachi figurine!

So whatd’ya say? Help a fellow Kaiju-groupie out and bring Otachi to life!

A New England Cosplay Studio

Hey guys, my cosplay family now has a Tumblr up and running!

You should follow us because we’re going to be posting a lot of fun things and the other members are awesome cosplayers

Cosplay Directory

I’ve been doing a lot of renovations to this blog, making into something a little closer to an actual professional website than a blog.

Take a look through the directory at all the pages I’ve added, including:

  • A WIP section that will eventually act as an archive and how-to for my cosplays
  • A “goodies” page that has links to tutorials, useful sites, and supply sites I’ve found that have the best prices
  • A list of upcoming conventions I will be attending and my planned cosplay list for each
  • Pages for my completed and planned cosplays

I also put up an updated “about” page that has links to my art and photography blogs, as well as information on my cosplay family (who are all amazing cosplayers)

The site will continue to grow as I put up more things and pages, so make sure to keep an eye on it!