I'm up at 4am with all this goddamn fabric
My name's Emile
Sometimes I do cosplay

Chip Skylark - Fairly Odd Parents

Worn: Connecticon 2013

Chip was a character I had been wanting to cosplay as for a while. Sadly, some of the things that I really wanted to do for him (like his guitar and getting an actual hairy beard) didn’t work out in the end due to time constraints. I’m still pretty happy with the outcome, though, even if he might end up as a one-time-only cosplay.

The lettering on the back of Chip’s hoodie (which was custom-dyed using sharpies, hence why it’s not the nice ketchup red I was looking for) are felt, and the hat was knit. The shoes I bought at walmart and then hand-carved to have his name. I then painted the carved-in area to make the letters stand out, and sealed it with polyurethane to make it a bit more waterproof (bad idea, the bottoms cracked when I was walking, so they were still very much not waterproof). The wig, earrings, undershirt, and pants were all store bought (my fiancee styled the wig); and the microphone is actually a Singstar mic.

(Sorry the images are so grainy. I never got the chance to go a nice shoot during the day, and the lighting in the hotel we were at was very dim, so these were the best quality we could get.)